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        Tianjin Foreign Studies University (TFSU), specialized in language and cultural studies, is one of the earliest eight such designated institutions of higher learning. The university provides undergraduate and graduate instruction in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Management.

         Tianjin (formerly spelled Tientsin) Foreign Studies University’s roots can be traced back to 1921 ... more...  

      Language Programs
      Postgraduate Programs
      Majors for Postgraduate Programs
      Short-term Programs
        About TFSU
         Campus Overview
         Campus Scenery
         Scientific Research
         Scientific Research Department
         TFSU Journal
         World Culture
         Confucius Institute
         Soonchunhyang University
        the University of Lisbon
         the University of Toulouse
         Volgograd State Socio-pedegogical University
         Jorge Tadeo Lozano de Bogotáin University
         Kiev State Linguistic University Confucius Institute
         Department of International      Cooperation and Exchange
         International Exchange
         International Exchange Center



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      Address: No.117,MaChang Road,HeXi District,TianJin,China




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